Re: Party: Things Are Different Here. attn Kashara / Ronhim


He frowned a bit at her raining on his dream and finally sighed a bit.

"No, it wouldn't be perfect I guess...but what ever is? Your mother and Floreth love each other don't they? Despite any arguing. Neither of them is ever alone or has to face life without the other at their side. I'm so tired of being alone..."

The last sounded a bit sad when he said it aloud and Ronhim wasn't sure why he had chosen this moment to make such a confession. Maybe because it was on his mind lately.  At any rate he tried to move on past the thought.

"So your the Weyrwoman's daughter and grew up in the Weyr? All of my little worries must sound very strange to you."

While new to Arolos even Ronhim had heard who Foreth was and that riders had different sorts of family relations than holders or crafters did.

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