Re: [Fuzzied] But I'm /not/ a lady.... (Xyetlan, R'kyo)


Xyetlan grinned and nodded "Sure do try." she agreed offering
Bandicuth a first piece of meat "Chew it." she informed the green
trying to ignore the way her stomach seemed to be trying to eat
itself. She knew she wasn't hungry or at least not that hungry so it
had to be the little green, but was that normal? "Is it normal to be
so hungry?" She asked glancing at R'kyo "I've only got my canine and I
mean there are stories, but it's like i will never be full again."

"That's normal," R'kyo nodded. He could not help but smile. He remembered the feeling as though it were yesterday. "But you will. In fact, you'll know to stop feeding her when you feel full again yourself. So don't let her convince you to overstuff her."

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