Re: First Chance to See the Shiny atten: Andreya/Trifali/Shalia/Kashara/Rassia

Jessica Freise

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Trifali's heart leapt. Beating harder, faster, until she tasted her pulse on her tongue. It wasn't fear, but shear excitement that captivated her in that moment.

Quietly, she took her place in the stands. Her gaze raked the sands, looking at everything. There was a chance she might succeed, might Impress. Kassia's words came back to her and before she let herself look at the twin golds, she looked over the other eggs first, picking silently.

Then she looked. Faranth, was that one a joke? It didn't *not* look like a golden egg, the sheen was definitely there. But as she gazed, it was the other one that trapped her attention and made her gasp softly.

The golden egged looked like some elaborate cage, as if what waited inside must be contained. But if she looked hard enough, there was a keyhole of sorts amidst the bars. Her hands, damp with nerves, rose so that she framed her face as she gazed at the caged egg and wondered what it might be like to touch it, to turn the key in her heart and open to the being inside.

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About a sevenday after the eggs were laid Kassia sent out word for her daughters and nieces to all come and meet her outside the Caverns at the same time. As soon as they were all there she said, "Good morning, guys. Foreth has agreed to let you guys into the Stands to see the gold eggs. This is your last chance to declare you don't want to Stand as any contact with the egg can increase your chances of Impressing. So if you don't want to Stand, this is your time to go. Otherwise, you five can go in quietly and sit in the Stands and see the gold eggs."

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