Re: Meeting of accidental thieves {Qabil, Trifali}

Jessica Freise

Trifali had been busy. Her head was full of lectures and hopes and fears. The closer it came, the more excited she was. She had taken Kassia's words to heart; if not a gold, then perhaps another would be that perfect someone for her.

She was so involved in her thoughts and her work that she didn't miss the trinket until she reached for it and it wasn't there. She blinked, looking around. It wasn't there, not here, either, or over there. Rising, she followed the path of the last person who had come by, trying to squash her go-to emotions of indignence and panic that she'd lost it.

"Excuse me," she said.

On Jul 30, 2020, at 6:55 PM, Kouga <@Kouga32> wrote:

Qabil as usual was left to laundry duty, or rather laundry hauling
duty. She had a couple of empty baskets in her hands and shuffled her
way into the main laundry room mostly ignoreing the candidates in
there for craft time. Or rather she was until she spotted something
one of them had put down. It wasn't much, at least not to her, but to
the candidate it was probably something. She barely glanced at it
before looking around at the candidates, as she passed the trinket
unconsious habit had her pick it up and stash the small trinket
without her realizing she had done it.

She made it to where the candidates were filling the baskets and
settled down the empty one waiting on the one they were working on to
be full so she could take it to where it needed to be.

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