Re: Just Keep Swimming (ATTN: Yiyu/S'lion)


"Exactly," S'lion agreed with a smile to the pair. "Looking good today, Mertrith. What's say we swim with you guys?"

{{I'd like that!}} Tototh chimed in. {{Though I'm with Mertrith, how is this different from a bath?}}

"Easy. The purpose here isn't to wash you and get you clean but for you to havre fun and strengthen your muscles in preparation for when we start to fly. It's like flapping lessons but in water. See the AWLM's dragon out there? You can't go past them. So long as you stay in here, you'll be safe and won't have to worry about getting tired."

{{I won't get tired?!}} Tototh was very eager about that. S'lion was quick to correct him.

"No no you can still get tired, but out there past the adult dragon the water is very deep and you can't just stand up. If you get tired out there and stop swimming, you'd just go down. There's no ground for a long ways. Then I'd be sad." That was enough to convince the blue.

{{I don't want you sad!}} Tototh was quick to declare. {{Mertrith, we won't go past the big dragon, ok? If we do, ours will be sad and we can't have that.}}
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