Just Keep Swimming (ATTN: Yiyu/S'lion)

Jessica Freise

}: Why is this different from taking a bath? :{

Yiyu smiled at the question. In the months since her Impression, she'd steadily come out of her shell, growing as an individual and a partner to her beautiful Mertrith. The little (not so much anymore) green's enthusiasm for secrets, curiousity, and shear tenacity helped.

"Because," she said,, raising a hand to S'lion whom she recognized even through the haze the heat had cloaked her mind in, "It's serious *and* fun. You need to learn to swim in case something happens and you have to. You want to learn because it's good exercise, especially for your wings. Right, S'lion?"

During her talk with Mirtreth, they had come even with the other Weyrling. Yiyu gave him a small smile.

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