Checking In (Diagir/Insera)


Diagir sat with Ziya's head in his lap, tracing over the lines on her face tenderly as the gold purred under his ministrations. He had a meeting with Insera soon to discuss his suspension and, to be honest, the man was nervous. Vainglory-now-Vedrarsk's bond break still weighed heavily on him though he was past the time of thinking that it would be best if she had died some way. It might be less on him. But no, those were bad thoughts and the wher was happy which was what mattered. Now he had his brown and his gold to think of and work with, which he had been. The pair was much calmer whenever he left now and Ziya didn't demand to go with him anymore.

{Ziya go?} The queen asked as if on cue. Diagir chuckled and tapped her nose.

"No, great one, stay here with Diagirsk," the handler quietly ordered. "I want to show Master Insera that we're all capable of being apart for lengths of time."

Ziya shighed but obeyed, trusting Diagir to be right. {Back soon?} Her wistful tone melted the man.

"As soon as I can be, sweetling," Diagir promised. "Now let me up so I can go."

With another sigh, Ziya moved her head and went to go lay in her own den. Diagir was pleased that she wasn't trying to lay with Diagirsk again- it showed she was back to being her independent self. He checked his uniform in the mirror he had, adjusted his knots and brushed back his hair, before being satisfied enough to leave.

In moments, he was knocking at Master Insera's office.
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