Re: She's Always Like This ((Attn: S'nen, F'nel))



Sekerth, for once not running through drills, or otherwise supervising (or pretending to supervise) other dragons, had sprawled out on just the right patch of warmth, a craggy rock near the Lake, when he registered that a green was addressing him. The brown's head lifted, eyes whirling slightly faster in startlement, before he rumbled and shifted over slightly- a wordless invitation. ((Hello, Lileth.)) he greeted, politely. ((I am Sekerth.)) 

Being a Wingsecond to the Skystrikers was a lot of work, and led to even less free time, but S'nen had accepted that when he'd volunteered for a ranking position. Today, however- today was simply too hot to spend another moment indoors, and so, with a sigh, he set aside his work for now and rose, stretched, before striding out to go find wherever that brown lump had decided to settle.

((Mine, there is a pretty green flirting with me.)) "So flirt back." S'nen just responded. 

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