Re: GATHER: Callamere Stall - Firelizards (NPC Giselle/L'nix)


"You'll want to speak with my mother, Revai if a wher takes your fancy. But I would recommend not before a year to two years after your flit. Takes a while to get them trained up plus they need to mature." Taking the proffered marks, it took only a second of a practiced glance to assess the amount was correct before gesturing that he follow her to the tray he had been looking at. The pots kept stacked and ready to go, already half filled with sand. "This one, right?" she asked, gesturing to the egg L'nix had been looking at. "It'll be at least a good three to four days before you see any signs of hatching. So don't think you need to go home and watch her for every second!"

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"Maybe one day I'll look into a wher," L'nix mused even as he fetched the marks from his bag. "For now, I'm delighted to pay that price for such a fine-bred firelizard." As he spoke, he fished the marks out and handed them over before putting his now significantly lighter mark pouch away. "I'll go ahead and return it to my weyr now. I'm eager enough to have the little darling."
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