Re: GATHER: Callamere Stall - Firelizards (NPC Giselle/D'cul)


"Yes, I would recommend at the very least, that you take it back to your weyr and set it up in a warm environment. We anticipate it will be at least three to four days before it shows signs of cracking so you won't need to sit and stare at it!" She was moving to the egg table, reaching under the surface for the pots they kept stacked and ready. It didn't take long to have the egg potted up, the top barely peeking out through the sand. "We can provide a satchel if you don't have anything to carry it in. We usually recommend it over carrying the pot directly. Too easy for accidents to happen."

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Relief and joy flooded D'cul, so strong that even Seteieth raised his head where he was sunning with a swift blue hue in his eyes. Swiftly composing himself, D'cul nodded with an honest smile. "Thank you, Lady Giselle. That's quite the honor since you're so sure this will be a bronze. I'm ready to pay now, and I assume that I should take the egg straight back to my weyr so it can stay warm?"
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