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It felt as though she could clean one wall and only a short while later, it would already be covered in dust again. The sooner the doors were finally installed, the better things would be for everyone. The firelizards didn't care, they adored having a mountain of rags to run away with and rip to pieces in a corner somewhere. That she would need to sweep. Again. Stooping to pick up the bucket in order to toss the dirty water down the steps, Tyne paused when she felt the familiar prickle of, well, someone unfamiliar. She knew all of the faces that popped in regularly, her own fair notwithstanding. No, she wasn't sure she had met this one.

Feeling the mental stand, she tugged it gently in greeting, the same way she had felt the firelizards do when they were introducing themselves. It was very much an empathic nudge, edged with the cautious sensations of curious interest. Looking about her, it always reminded her of the child's game "hot and cold". It took a little longer than expected, not expecting to see the strangely coloured firelizard tucked away. "Hello," she said, fixing the white firelizard with her dark eyes.

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The little white had heard about her from others and seen her around
when he was with his pet, but hadn't bothered to actually do more than
that. Kaji was finishing some things though just over there and she
was cleaning what he had come to understand was meant to be a place
for his kind to be healed. He didn't know why they needed a specific
place, but well it was apparently a thing.

He shuffled a bit in his place on his stone perch offering the woman a
steady glare. IT wasn't anything personal by any means it was just who
he was. Still not satisfied with himself the tiny firelizard resettled
his wings once more watching Tyne. He knew there were others of his
kind around, but didn't much care about them right now, she was the
thing he had to know about and as long as his Kaji stayed right there
just where he could see her space and his pet's Kawaii was going to
watch her.

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