Re: Yes she's fully grown. No, we're not Weyrlings. (Dytha/D'jarin)


Well, at least he wasn't offended. That was something at least. No doubt his bronze was feeding off the pheromones that Ponth was no doubt emitting and making the pair entirely more amiable. Well, it was better than confrontation. Dytha could argue until she was blue in the face but some days, she really wasn't feeling in the mood for it. Today was one of those days. She waved a hand noncommittally at his offer of leaving. "Eh. You're here now. Ask away. I'm sure you've got a hundred questions burning at the forefront of your brain."

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"I don't mind." D'jarin gave the shortest answer, leaning against Vizslath. "Greens get proddy. So do golds. It's life." He paused. "Might be why Vizslath's not offended." Was that a joke? "That, and your green's interesting. Never met a past dragon before." A nod to Dytha.
A moment later, he added, "We can go if you'd rather. Don't want to intrude." Well , more than he had. Some riders liked being alone with their lifemates.

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