She's Always Like This ((Attn: S'nen, F'nel))


The weather in Arolos was hot, but no worse than he remembered from Igen - save for the intense humidity here. That took adjusting to, and he raked his fingers through dark auburn hair as he stepped out into the Weyrbowl in a half-hearted attempt to comb the mess. Sweat *clung* to you here and that he was beginning to detest, his linen tunic already beginning to stick to his skin in just a few minutes of direct sunlight. His mood had been all over the place this morning, and as he listened to his dragon chatter in the back of his mind, he realized why. "Shells, you're going to rise again soon, aren't you?" He thought aloud with a groan - not eager to start his tenure at this new Weyr on that note. "We don't even know anyone yet!"

((I'm working on that.)) Lileth told him, returning her attention to the brown that had caught her eye. She stood up from where she had been sunning on the rocks and ambled toward Sekerth.

((Hello, handsome. Mind if I lay beside you? It's ever so lonely over there by myself.)) She crooned, tilting her head to allow whirling eyes a chance to explore the other dragon. That it enabled her to pose, crown raised and wings framing her slim form, standing like the queen she *thought* she was, didn't hurt. ((I am Lileth The Most Beautiful, but you may call me simply Lileth.))

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