Re: Guess Where I Was Yesterday? (Attn: Dytha/Mendl)


"We-ell," Mendl said, drawing the word out, but she couldn't take it anymore. 

"Foreth was having trouble, and you know how I've been taking care of her leg? Well, she told Kassia--I mean, the Weyrwoman--that if any healer-types were going to be in there, it was to be me." She beamed. Not only did the most powerful dragon in the Weyr like her, she asked for her. Specifically. And Mendl was having trouble just getting over that little fact.

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Immediately Dytha could tell that something was going on. With an expression of mild bemusement, she glanced at Mendl, her lips curling slowly. "Unfortunately I gave it a miss. Chose a night of feet up and some fellis tea over trying to dance." She turned in her seat to face the Candidate, saying nothing for a moment as she inspected the girl, taking in her entire demeanour. "However I get the distinct impression that you're not actually remotely interested in the party." It wasn't an accusation, not the way the blue eyes twinkled. "And you're bouncing like you've been swimming in klah. You don't bounce. Ever."

Of course, she could completely appreciate that it was entirely possible that the girl was just over the moon with the news and for a moment, Dytha almost wished that she had had that experience herself but quickly shushed it. It was like wondering what it was like to feel the sun on your face for the first time after already having gotten used to it for turns.

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"Oh, there you are!" Mendl chirped, peeking into the prep room. She'd already tried several others, but the dragon Infirmary wasn't that big.

Okay, it was. At least, the enclaves where they kept the sick dragons were. And the outside-facing rooms that dragons could come into, if need be. Inclement weather was a way of life and neither human nor draconic wanted to be looked at in the cold, or wind, or rain.

She bounced into the room and pulled up a seat. Since Mendle had never bounced, or chirped, in her life, anyone who knew her would know something was up. She grabbed a few small, empty jars and began filling them with powdered willowbark. "So," she said casually, "how was the party?"

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It was hard not to feel the undertones of excitement that were trickling about the Weyr. Even Ponth was curious, demanding to know how ONE gold could have TWO gold eggs. It just didn't happen! She had started shift early that morning and with her feet playing up, had been set to dispensing assorted treatments and salves into bottles and jars. That way she could keep the weight off her feet and still be doing something productive.

She was tucked in one of the small prep rooms off the Infirmary, carefully measuring out the amounts she needed and funnelling them carefully into the jars. Oddly, she found the astringent smell about her to be rather comforting, making a mental note to keep one of the jars of numbweed to one side to be signed out for herself. She wasn't quite at the point of needing her crutch, but the dull and constant ache in her legs was somewhat alleviated by not spending the day running around.

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Mendl got back to the Candidate Barracks tired, dirty...and elated. She would happily miss every party in the future if she got to experience this type of thing every time. Imagine! She saw all of Foreth's eggs laid. She saw the two gold eggs! She got to hold (well, briefly) one of the two gold eggs. 

Granted, she wouldn't wish this on Foreth ever again, but, well, shards and shells! 

She went into the bathing pool in the Barracks to wash off the dirt and fluids. She felt so grubby, but she didn't care. 

The pool in the Candidate Barracks was always the perfect temperature, but when Mendl fell asleep and fell under the water, spluttering her way back to air, she decided it was time to sleep. Some candidates were quietly talking; some were still at the party. She just wanted to go to bed.

The next morning, the first thing she did was seek out Dytha. Her friend had to be dying to know what Mendl experienced!

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Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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