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Making a note of what the man had picked up, Giselle pulled out a small invoice book from the cash pouch about her waist. Taking a moment to jot down what he had purchased, plus their price, she ripped out the small invoice and held it out to him. "That will be the full total. What I would strongly recommend is that you either take the egg back to your weyr now, or we can hold it for you until later in the day. If you choose to do that, we will remove it from sale with a marker as to who it belongs to.  But you'll need to collect it no later than a candlemark before sundown. We pack up a little earlier as we have to bed down the runners and exercise the whers when dusk hits."

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L'nix smiled easily, liking this woman and the knowledge that she had to impart. He couldn't imagine the power that he would have with a gold firelizard but made a note to attempt to acquire one one day. The more power that he had, the easier it might be to start his old dream up at this new Weyr. All he had to do was get along with Weyrwoman Kassia, but that was neither here nor there. Returning his fond expression to Giselle, he nodded along to her words. "I look forward to getting a personal experience with how firelizards are and how they behave. So, the egg and... I'll go with a crinkly toy to start with. How many marks will that be, Lady Giselle?"
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