So This Happened... (Ay'shen/Ambrelli)


OOC: Set just after the Gather.

IC: With the Weyr finally aware of Ilexeth's existence and the need to keep herself secreted away, Ambrelli had taken full advantage of the first few days by spending them in the Infirmary working, out for morning runs, and having some outdoor time with Z'go, Dytha, and R'bor.  But the end of the Gather had meant more people about the Weyr, and she felt the stares as surely as she ever had.  There were all sorts of rumors, and people naturally curious in her because of Ilexeth, soon learned too of her darker past.  She saw the mix of reactions reflected in faces as she walked about the Weyr.  In the Infirmary, it was better.  She was just the same JM dragonhealer she'd always been, albeit with a little dragon in tow.  It was a relief, in truth, to not be so hidden away anymore, and it also meant that she could reach out to a few of the other people she knew.

Like Ay'shen.  So it was that Maerck delivered a hand-written note inviting him to come not to her home weyr, but to the Infirmary weyr in which she currently resided.  She'd been missing him terribly, and if anyone would understand the stares she was now getting, Ay'shen would.  

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