Re: Eyes Open for Opportunity! (attn: Sehrael, Raelah)

Jerzy Tobin

"That's tremendous!" Sehrael said cheerily. "I get a bit of moving about and a bit of staying, so looks like this is going to be my bit of staying for a while. Your troupe must have a drink supplier already, I'm sure, but I'd bet marks to muffins we could get you a better deal if they might be interested."
Raelah couldn't help but let a quick chuckle escape at that offer.
Not that she could say that it might not be true; she personally
didn't have anything to do with supplies and requistions for the
caravan, so she had no idea what sort of contracts they had going.
But it was a bold offer, to be sure.

"Couldn't tell you one way or another," Raelah admitted. "I don't
have anything to do with that part of the troupe. And I don't know
just what sort of contracts they have going on, to be honest. But I'm
not opposed to passing along the message, if you want me to. Might be
your family carries something our regular supplier doesn't. Either
way, it's no bad thing to take a look at."

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