That Was Intense! (Attn: Kashara/Mendl)


The Weyrwoman had given Mendl permission to stay on the Sands to keep an eye on Foreth, but she didn't say anything about not talking to anyone--especially if they were there. 

She hadn't had a chance to get to know Kashara well, but now was as good a time as any, since she was there, having brought M'gal and T'rif, and the ice for Foreth. So, keeping one ear out for any distress Foreth could be in she walked over to her fellow candidate.

"Hi, I've seen you in classes. I'm Mendl. Thanks for being so quick. Poor Foreth has gone through so much." She'd forgotten that she was covered in all kinds of birthing goop, but in a way didn't care. To her, it was a badge of honor.

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