Re: Eyes Open for Opportunity! (attn: Sehrael, Raelah)


"Me and the ladies here spent most of the Gather working, actually,"
Raelah admitted.  Any drinks she had usually came from the Caravan's
private stock.  Why pay for a drink when she had perfectly drinkable
wine at home.  Oh, she'd treat herself to a fancier drink every once
and awhile, but she hadn't had much chance this past gather.

"I'm circus folk, myself.  Family, too.  We've traveled all over the
North and South.  Got my own act with the girls here, even.  Its been
a change, staying in one spot for so long.  At least its not dull, I
can say that much."

"That's tremendous!" Sehrael said cheerily. "I get a bit of moving about and a bit of staying, so looks like this is going to be my bit of staying for a while. Your troupe must have a drink supplier already, I'm sure, but I'd bet marks to muffins we could get you a better deal if they might be interested."

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