Re: Eyes Open for Opportunity! (attn: Sehrael, Raelah)


"Nice to meet you, Sehrael," Raelah replied with a smile.  "And
welcome to the Weyr.  I'm Raelah and these two ladies are Cecin and
Celon, and yes, they're definitely a handful.  Very well trained
handfuls, at least.  May I ask, Holdborn?  Or crafter?

"Oh, little o' this, little o' that. I learned my da's trade at the Hold," said Sehrael. "No formal craft stamp of approval for me, but I learned how to help him do his work, making booze and sellin' it here and there. Maybe you saw our wares at the Gather, though with all that commotion, I wouldn't be surprised if no one remembers much else."

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