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Jerzy Tobin

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"Heyla," Raelah answered back, looking up from what she had been
doing. Namely, oiling the pair of green flits draped across her.
Cecin was draped over her shoulders, her freshly oiled hide gleaming
like a jewel, while Celon was stretched across her lap, in the process
of being oiled. Both greens looked up at Sehrael with curiosity. So
did Raelah, for that matter.

"I don't recall seeing you around before. Just Searched?" Raelah asked.

"Close enough to it!" Sehrael answered. "I've got all my eyes crossed and my tees dotted, though, as they say. Looks like you've got a couple o' handfuls there." She waves to the firelizards. "I'm Sehrael."
"Nice to meet you, Sehrael," Raelah replied with a smile. "And
welcome to the Weyr. I'm Raelah and these two ladies are Cecin and
Celon, and yes, they're definitely a handful. Very well trained
handfuls, at least. May I ask, Holdborn? Or crafter?"

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