Re: Golden Gifts or Twin Troubles? ((Attn: Calyse, Heersofali, Ozfini, Yeha, Miacca))


Calyse nodded with new understanding, thinking about what the others had said. "I-I've never seen more than one gold on the Sands, and what with w-what happened at Fort.." she shrugged, knowing her fears weren't entirely unfounded even if they were extremely unlikely. Everyone knew the story, though. "Do you think the dragons would *make* their riders into rivals? Even if the girls were friends? I mean, obviously the-the dragons.. would be. But their influence..?" She looked around, frowning like the pessimist she was. "You really think even the best of friends would.. turn on each other like that?"

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> Kashara nodded. "Very true. There's competition, but it seemed to happen more as they got older than when they were real young. Or so I've heard. Obviously I wasn't there to witness what happened when they were in their Weyrling classes and all."
"They ended up with more of a rivalry than anything," Yeha commented.
"Not outright fighting, mind, because the WeyrlingMaster and
Assistants, not to mention the Weyrwoman, would have shut that down
right quick.  But, there are other ways of having a rivalry.  And
golds, being golds, think that they're the most important, and that
what *they* want should be what goes.  It was an interesting time, and
will be for this next lot, too."

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