Re: Party: Things Are Different Here. attn Kashara / Ronhim


What did he want to talk about? Yeah, that was the hard part. Ronhim had trouble putting his jumbled thoughts into words. For a long moment he pondered that and then studied Kashara for a moment more. She seemed nice and he was grateful for her time. How best to sum up what he needed to know?

"I guess guys like that can be accepted here," he said with a nod. Truth be told that suited him just fine. While he wasn't attracted to men himself he had never really understood why others mistreated the men who did. Maybe he was just more understanding since he too had been generally neglected and mistreated.

"So I guess...I hope...that everyone is accepted? Even if they aren't so smart or can't always find the right words?  Can somebody like me really find a dragon on the sands? And make a place here doing something important?"

Deep down, though he didn't have the words to express it, Ronhim was just looking for acceptance and a chance to better himself. He just didn't know yet how to get that and all the new things he was seeing here made his head spin.

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