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"Well, we wipe out half their apprentice stock most Hatchings. They should be used to it by now," R'tal said pragmatically as though K'ren hadn't occasionally complained of exactly that. "Besides, they occasionally get one that the craft doesn't suit for whatever reason. But if that worries you, by all means try the Candidates. Or the staffers even."

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> R'tal was quiet for a minute, thinking that through.
> "I've not got a problem with that," he said after a long moment. "But you are going to need to find the right person. Anyone who has a personality that doesn't quite gel - it's going to become more abrasive very quickly." He paused, considering it. "Why don't you start by asking for help with washing Ostibeth? Whether you need it or not. Ask the Healers to send you some apprentices or whatever - you might find someone through that you could work with without them knowing you were considering them."
N'yx felt a surge of elation run through him.  Yes!  R'tal wasn't
going to dismiss this out of hand as a fool's dream, and N'yx latched
onto that like the lifeline that it was.  He nodded as he listened to
R'tal's suggestions.

"That makes sense.  And it's not as if I'm on a deadline, and need to
rush or something.  Finding the right person is going to take time,
and right now, time I have in plenty," N'yx sighed.  "But...a healer
apprentice?  Wouldn't the Healers begrudge me stealing an apprentice
from them, Sir?"

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