Re: Party: Pardon My Clumsiness attn Miacca / Ronhim


She didn't seem offended by his bumping her which relieved the big fellow a great deal. It also made him a bit self conscious though. He wasn't the sort of person most folks talked to. No, from his experience he was generally treated more like the furniture:  quiet and off in a corner till somebody needed something lifted out of the way. His Harper friend had been trying to teach Ronhim to be more out going and sociable but the lessons weren't coming easy to him.

"I'm glad I didn't hurt you," he said in a quiet tone raising his eyes to look at her and almost immediately blushing. She really was very pretty and that fact flustered him even more and made it harder to find the words he wanted. "I'm kind of clumsy some times."

He gave her a bit of a timid smile when she said her name.

"Miacca. It's a very pretty name."

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