Re: Golden Gifts or Twin Troubles? ((Attn: Calyse, Heersofali, Ozfini, Yeha, Miacca))


"...Oh," Calyse replied, sounding slightly disappointed to hear there hadn't been much drama on the Hatching Sands. She had been expecting, well, something more exciting, at least. They both made it sound so tame. "Well, I suppose that's good. I-I guess I thought they would be more.. more ferocious with each other or something. Stressful, though, that doesn't surprise me. Having to lead a whole Weyr?"

On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 1:01 PM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
Kashara shrugged. "I don't recall any major issues on the Sands. There was definitely a rivalry between the two, though. I think even two friends could become rivals after they both Impress gold. Too many strong personalities and the drive to stand out. I know it was stressful on my mom when they were younger."

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