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Well, Arolos Weyr certainly seemed to like it's parties! Ronhim had not been here for very long and had seen the hatching feast which had been a grand affair and now this. It rather made the young man's head spin with all the excitement. Still, for someone with very few social skills and a heavy dose of shyness as well it was also quite the intimidating prospect. As was usual for him he was watching from the outskirts rather than actually participating. He found himself trying to get his bearings and found himself shifting around nervously as new arrivals would crowd in around him.

Such anxiety can be a self fulfilling curse. He was so worried about getting in someones way and trying to give everyone else their space that he accidentally did what he feared the most; stepped right into someone. Being as large and sometimes clumsy as he was this was a common occurrence but Ronhim was so very worried about ruining this grand party that he turned with alarm to see what he had done when he felt the bump. Then his alarm really went into over drive.

It had been a girl he had bumped into. And not just any girl but quite a petite one, or at least petite when compared to his own towering frame. Even more distracting was how very cute she was. Ronhim became immediately tongue tied and flustered though he tried in his own way to set the situation right.

"Please excuse me," he stammered a bit with the words. " I....I did not see..."

The words felt lacking somehow and he stuttered a bit trying to get them out. It didn't look like any harm was done but she was so pretty and so small and what few social skills he had went immediately out the window. Some small part of him did recall seeing her before though. She was another candidate, or so he thought. Like with any other girl he had admired her briefly from afar but didn't think any further about it. Pretty girls in the Weyr had handsome riders and candidates to keep them company, not great clumsy lumps like himself.

"My is Ronhim. You are a c...candidate too?"

Now this deep into it he tried to push on and at least try to get a polite apology out.

Crowds weren't that unusual for parties.  The more people milling around the party, the harder it was to avoid bumping into someone.  Miacca was more impressed that she'd woven through the crowd and made it so long without problem.  So someone bumping into her didn't surprise her that much, especially when she turned his direction and found herself raising her eyes further up in order to just get a better look at him.  His stammer made the apology sound rather sheepish, like he was unfamiliar with how commonplace bumping into someone was during parties.  "These things happen in a crowd, especially when I'm shorter than a person's eye level.  It is easy to see over me, isn't it?"  Miacca assured him, bumping her shoulder against his arm gently.  "Well Ronhim, I'm Miacca and yes I'm a Candidate too."

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