Party: Things Are Different Here. attn Kashara / Ronhim


Ronhim watched the staff setting up the tables and fetching food at the party with an odd expression. Till very recently that would have been him, only it would have been happening at Arolos Hold than at the Weyr. It was a bit of culture shock for him going from the life of a drudge at a hold to becoming a candidate at the Weyr. There was still a lot he didn't understand and that was only the things he had seen so far! How much more was going on that he hadn't noticed yet which would seem totally alien to him? It made the young man's head swim.

Then one such oddity, at least to his sensibilities, came into view. Two men together, holding hands, whispering together and exchanging tender looks. Ronhim had heard of such things, even seen two men like that before, but always hidden and seeming with a sense of shame. Here they were open and happy and he watched them for a long moment trying to wrap his head around it. Apparently though he hadn't been terribly discrete himself in watching as the shy fellow realized someone had been observing him the whole time.

Turning his glance he caught sight of a young woman who had seen the whole thing. She was quite pretty, which only intensified his social anxiety, and he couldn't really read her expression. Weyr ways were different and Ronhim worried that he might accidentally offend someone. Being shy or not though the situation seemed to call for him to say something by way of explanation.

"Things are different here," he said with a half smile, stuttering on the words a little as he always did when talking to a pretty girl. "I must seem kind of stupid to you folks."

No one had said he was stupid here but plenty had back at the Hold. It was only natural he supposed to think people here would feel the same, especially since he was so out of place.

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