Re: Glad Tidings of Great Joy (attn: Truenoth, Talith, all)

Jessica Freise

V'drare's lips twitched as he watched the poor sod in question wipe at himself. His attention turned to the Candidate and he smiled down at her, eyes warm with the news.

"Yes, yes, it was.... I don't believe we've met."

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Rennitz promptly spat out her drink on the poor sod she'd been talking to at Truenoth's announcement. First of all, Foreth had clutched?! Second of all there was a GOLD egg?!? Third of all, there were TWO GOLD EGGS?!?!? She eagerly turned to the next person who wasn't dripping in her wine and gleefully exclaimed.

"Did you hear that?! Two gold eggs! That flight wasn't a disaster, it was a Faranth-sent miracle!"
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