Re: Stop the Festivities! Big News (ATTN: All)

Jessica Freise

"Both perspective sires were guarding the entrance. I didn't see a single egg," she answered truthfully.

On Jul 19, 2020, at 2:45 PM, Jerzy Tobin <> wrote:

"Weyrwoman Kassia asked me to spread the news herself," Fali said, grinning as the mood rose. She hesitated, wondering if she should mention the golden egg, or if that were something Kassia would like kept to herself for now.
"Did you get to see any of the eggs at all?" Ji asked, hopeful. Even
a glimpse to give a hint at the eggs inside the sands would be enough
to set off speculation for days until they were allowed into the
Stands to see them themselves.

"Any idea as to how many?" Raelah asked, curious. "Or did she not
mention anything about that?"

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