Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 20 #clutching


“I promise. I won’t hurt your egg. I took care of you for the past sevendays, and didn’t hurt you, did I?” Mendl asked, keeping up a stream of chatter to distract the gold.

Down by Foreth, she carefully gave a wide berth to the eggs which had already been laid. She’d lost count, but was sure it was more than twenty. “You’ve done so much work today, you deserve a rest. I think your body’s overly tired. I know you don’t eat a lot after laying these eggs, but I’m sure you’d like a nice small herdbeast or something to snack on, wouldn’t you?”

She stopped just short of Foreth’s cloaca and rubbed the dragon’s abdomen. Yep, there was an egg stuck there. For firelizards she could make them sit in warm water, but she doubted that there was a bowl big enough for Foreth. So she did the next best thing, and pulled out a large bladder of oil from her med-bag.

“I know you’re scared, but Kassia said you’ve been through this before. So you know that if you don’t let me help you, your egg could be in more danger. I’d call Master Larsin, but I’ve got small hands and believe me, that’s what you want in this situation.”

Kassia came around to the other side while Foreth just groaned uncomfortably up ahead. “Let me know if I can help pull,” Kass said. “Let’s just hurry.” She watched her lifemate with a concerned eye. If this went wrong, the loss of the egg would be the least of their problems.

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