Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 18 #clutching



“She knows when she’s at the last one?” Mendl asked, then almost slapped herself. Of course she did. “Sorry, stupid question.”

A good fifteen minutes went by. She watched for a moment longer, her brows knitting together. “Isn’t this one taking longer than the others?” she asked.

“She just laid a couple pretty quickly back to back, let’s give her a minute to catch her breath.” Kassia was relieved that Foreth seemed pretty sure they were close to done. She wasn’t surprised that Foreth needed a break.

Another fifteen minutes went by and Foreth was starting to look stressed. She got up and twisted circles, laid down, and then got up over and over again. Kassia could feel the stress ramping up at the back of her mind.

“Mine?” Kassia called tentatively. “You okay?”

((I’m...fine...)) the Queen said, her normal refrain sounded very strained as she arched into position, but nothing came.

“She needs help,” Mendl said with surety. She didn’t like to give orders to--oh, who was she kidding, she loved giving orders to most people. Not the Weyrwoman, though. But something was obviously wrong. It had been almost 30 minutes of straining, and nothing was happening. It could be as simple as Foreth’s muscles being tired. But she couldn’t keep that egg inside her--there was a reason they needed to come out.

“Foreth, I’m coming down,” she said, gathering her things, though most likely she’d be arm-deep inside Foreth. This would be both easier and harder than with a flit.

((NO!)) Foreth protested, the word fast, but tired and missing some of the vigor of usual.

“Love, we have to help you,” Kassia soothed, moving ahead of Mendl. If Foreth repeled her too much, then Mendl would never get close enough, better to try first. “There might be a stuck egg. You need to get it out.”

((You might hurt something!)) Foreth’s voice was tinged with fear now. Even awkwardly positioned for the next egg, she started scrambling around to pull her eggs closer under her body, the gold the highest priority.

“You keep your eggs up there. I’ll come with Mendl and we won’t go near any of the other eggs. And as soon as the egg seems to be moving on its own, we’ll leave it. Okay?”

There was a long stand off before Foreth lowered her head. ((Be careful. Don’t hurt my egg.))

Kassia turned to Mendl. “Hurry.”

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