Re: Learning the Lay...of where? (attn: N'ka, Rionnon, Koyo)

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N'ka rolled her eyes at Tanguyth the great blue beast as he sprawled
out the second she was off of his shoulder to enjoy all the people
gathering around. She had been assigned rounds today and managed to
bribe Sh'in into to coming. It hadn't been hard honestly, but /still/
she pretended for the sake of letting them both save face. After all
no way was she about to admit that Tanguyth had been whineing ever
since they were moved wings that he didn't have Shacath with him
anymore. They had been moved to the new wing a bit back and Sh'in and
Shacath had stayed with the Clouddanders and both dragons had been
complaining about it. So yes it hadn't been hard to convince the
greenrider to get out, but they both were going to pretend.

Tanguyth for his part ignored the running commentary from his person
and instead offered a happy hum to the slowly gathering crowd. So what
if he had missed Shacath? He had flown with her for as long as he
could remember! He knew there was a time he hadn't his N'ka remembered
it, but he didn't so he didn't care, he had wanted his green. So maybe
the blue was a little pouty over the whole thing, but well /people/ so
all was better! The blue reached out to the closest person from the
crowd happily greeting them with a {{Hello there!}}.

For her part Shacath was happily watching her little blue. He was such
a funny blue, but she didn't mind at all he was her little blue. She
found dragons were so hard to collect so she liked that Tanguyth
didn't mind she had collected him and was sad to find the new blue she
flew with after he moved wasn't as fun and definitely didn't want to
be collected much to her sadness. She had settled a bit behind the
blue to let her Sh'in off so she could go stand with N'ka and talk to
the humans before moving to settle beside the blue crooning a greeting
to the group he had already gathered.

ooc: sorry apparently this reply got buried in the draft folder cause
i did it a while ago >.>

Koyo was strode quickly over to the crowd that'd been gathering around the dragons, with her sister still trailing more calmly behind her.  "A blue and a green.  I wonder if they're here to visit family here...or maybe they're Searchdragons."  She said over her shoulder to Rionnon, though her attention quickly returned onto the pair of dragons, her pace slowing to a stop by the crowd.

"Hmm."  Rionnon soon came to a stop beside her, humming thoughtfully as she examined the dragons, her gaze intently sweeping over the light blue colored dragon before moving onto the muscular green.  "Come on, if we're going to be staring we should greet them properly too."  She said while she began moving forward again working her way more toward the front of the crowd.

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