Re: The Lakeside Equation (attn: Tai'zen, Rionnon)

Mya L. R.

On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 9:46 AM Kouga <hanjikouga@...> wrote:
Tai'zen hadn't meant to put it off so long, but well there was no
having it any other way. Seidouth had been in need of food and he had
had a couple things to do this morning before they could do that. All
of that added to a late bath today for the bronze. Still as he glanced
up at the light he was glad it hadn't been any later  or he might have
ended up trying to oil the bronze in the dark and that would have made
no one happy. He backed away from his mate tilting his head and
looking him over before nodding "Go on Seidouth go rinse off and come
right back if you want any time to sun once your oiled." he told the
bronze as he backed up and settled down the brush he had been using to
scrub on said dragon.

With a rumble of agreeance the bronze moved into the water to get rid
of the remaining sand and Tai'zen moved towards a nearby tree to try
and avoid the light for a moment while he waited. He offered the woman
already under the shade a grin and a  "Good evening." in greeting.

Rionnon turned her head when something moved near the corner of her vision, noting the bronze and the rider.  The rider that was moving toward the tree she was sitting under.  "Good evening."  Was her own calm reply to his greeting, she paused for one moment her gaze darting over him as she considered his height.  "You've got a rather nice-looking bronze, did you just finish washing him now?"

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