Re: In Need of Ice ((Attn: T'rifoshe, Andreya))


It was the bronze who found T'rifoshe at the party first, and at spotting his 'target' and T'rif talking to him, 'Zar gave a chirp of 'yes' before the bronze looked around as if for his person. But, while keeping an eye on his 'target' just in case T'rif moved, the bronze also sent Andreya an image of T'rif surrounded by a lot of blurry figures: T'rif was at the party. Getting confirmation that he was actually there, Andreya raced into the party not far behind Trifali, looking for her bronze flit who would surely lead her to T'rif. 

Even with her bronze, with his very distinctive coloring, hovering a bit over people's heads, it still took a little time for Andreya to make her way through the party enough to spot the flit. When she did, with the crowd of the party slowing her movements, she was no longer breathing as heavy by the time she *thought* she spotted T'rif. 

As she got closer, and saw it *was* him, Andreya breathed a sigh of relief and when she abruptly stopped at his side, her hair a bit messy from her run, Andreya breathed out (making sure to use all proper titled even as she hurried to relay the message) "ACM T'rifoshe, I'm sorry for interrupting. the Weyrwoman says Foreth needs ice, she's clutching right now."

On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 11:55 AM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
T'rif was helping chaperone Candidates at the party, but he looked up as flits approached him. Normally he didn't like the things, but he recognized the baby flits of his daughter's. "Do you need something?" he asked them.

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