In Need of Ice ((Attn: T'rifoshe, Andreya))


(Snipped from 'We're off to see the Weyrwoman' thread)

At Kashara's reassurances, Andreya still looked at the other girl with concern, putting her excitement over the clutching to the wayside for worry about Kashara. 

And then Kassia was outside the Caverns with them asking why they were there. When Kashara replied for them, Andreya saw the frown on the weyrwoman's face as she said we should have stayed away. But then, Kassia asked them to do some things for her, find specific people to bring ice. Nodding her head at Kassia's direction, Andreya was already reaching out to her flits, pulling 'Zar away from the green he was trying to cuddle with and Ellysetta from the soft bundle of blankets she'd been curled up in on Andreya's bed. Already directing her flits to find T'rifoshe and then let her know where he was, the pair of flits (with the image of Trifoshe she had provided them) began going between looking for her father. 

As she sent the flits off looking, she pulled herself back to what Kassia was saying to hear that there was a gold egg already. Tramping down on the excitement, Andreya couldn't help herself from smiling as she offered to Kassia "I'll find T'rifoshe. And congratulations to you and Foreth on another gold!" With that, Andreya slipped off her shoes (easier to move while not wearing those tall heels) and began to run from the Cavern just slightly slower than Trifali (being barefoot now), hoping her flits would soon find T'rifoshe and provide her with a direction on where to go, but she started with heading toward the party, thinking the best chance of spotting him would be there. 

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