Re: We're off to See the Weyrwoman atten: Kashara/Trifali/Andreya/Truenoth


"No, I just...need a minute." Excitement threatened to overwhelm the pain, but Kashara knew she had to be careful.

Just then Kassia slipped past the two male dragons and spotted Kodah and the girls.

"What are you all doing here?" she asked.

"We came to make sure you were okay," Kashara said, "but I'm guessing Foreth is Clutching."

Kassia frowned at them. "You really should have stayed away, but I could actually use you three. Kashara, you go find M'gal. Andreya, you find T'rifoshe. I need their dragons to bring ice here to the Caverns. Trifali, you can let everyone know that Foreth is Clutching. She has a gold egg already. No one is to come anywhere near here unless specifically invited. Now hurry."

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