Re: We're off to See the Weyrwoman atten: Kashara/Trifali/Andreya/Truenoth


  At seeing the bronze get into position like that, spreading his wings and fully blocking the entrance to the Cavern, Andreya quickly dipped her head respectfully to the bronze saying with a soft smile "Apologies for disturbing you, Truenoth. You guard your Queen Gold well."

Then, as the guard spoke, Andreya turned toward him and nodded her head in understanding (who knows what's in the mind of an egg-heavy Queen) and offered to the guard  in a polite tone "Thank you for letting us know."

Trifali's concerned question, which had Andreya turning to the guard with concern on her own face was smoothed out by the guard's reassurance that there was nothing to worry about (and indeed, if the Weyrwoman was hurt or something the whole *Weyr* would know based on the noise Foreth would be making) . At his words to enjoy the party, Andreya dipped her head respectfully to the guard and said "Thank you sir." 

Then, turning to both Kashara and Trifali, Andreya said "Unfortunately, that's all we can do to try and check on her...if the Cavern is off limits."

Andreya turned to follow Kashara when there was a cry from the Cavern and Andreya (who'd been watching Kashara) saw the other girl wince at a step. Reaching out with a quick "Are you ok?" to Kashara, then the other girl's words hit her and Andreya's eyes widened a bit in surprise. Of *course*! Now it made sense why both sires were guarding the Cavern just as it was off-limits. Why didn't she realize that before? 

Nodding her head in agreement to Trifali at the look her sister gave her, Andreya agreed with "Exactly, don't want to interrupt them at all." Glancing back at the two males, Andreya did smile at them and say "Congratulations on the clutch!" It was clear that the words were meant for both males, as they had no idea who the actual sire of the two of them were. 

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"Clutching," Trifali repeated, exchanging a look with Andreya. Only now did she step back, letting her stubbornness slide away. "I wouldn't wish to disturb them," she said, regretfully.

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"See...nothing to worry about," Kashara said. "We should go." She gestured for the other two girls to join her as she started back off.

Then there was a loud, strained cry from Foreth inside and Kashara missed a step, wincing as she hit her healing leg wrong.

"Wait a minute...Foreth's Clutching isn't she?" she said, turning to face the bronze and the guard. "Of course she's choose today."

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