Re: We're off to See the Weyrwoman atten: Kashara/Trifali/Andreya/Truenoth

Jessica Freise

"Clutching," Trifali repeated, exchanging a look with Andreya. Only now did she step back, letting her stubbornness slide away. "I wouldn't wish to disturb them," she said, regretfully.

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"See...nothing to worry about," Kashara said. "We should go." She gestured for the other two girls to join her as she started back off.

Then there was a loud, strained cry from Foreth inside and Kashara missed a step, wincing as she hit her healing leg wrong.

"Wait a minute...Foreth's Clutching isn't she?" she said, turning to face the bronze and the guard. "Of course she's choose today."

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