Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 14 #clutching


“Oh, Faranth,” Mendl echoed. She’d been trying to put a good spin on all the eggs that were less than savory, but even she couldn’t get a good spin on this. 

“Maybe it’ll look less like blood when it settles for a few days?” she said hopefully. “After all, they’re all still a bit moist. It’s just a dark maroon, and will look less dark later. Plus,” she looked up at the ceiling where the light was filtering down, “It is starting to get dark.”

She wanted to leave it there, but she didn’t want Foreth to get mad at them again. “I’d be more than honored to Impress the dragon that comes from that egg. I think it will be strong, and a great leader no matter what color it is.”

Foreth grumbled and moved the egg to the front next to the gold egg as in a place of honor. Kassia was sure the Queen was only doing it to mess with her. 

“I’m going to go get some more juice.” She got up abruptly and rushed into the temporary weyr.

((Mine must be feeling the hatchling sickness,)) Foreth commented as she gently messed with the disturbing looking egg.

Mendl couldn’t help it. She laughed. “You two are so well suited for each other,” she said. “I didn’t see it at first because from a Healer’s perspective, you are very low maintenance. But you, when you came out of that shell, couldn’t have picked a better person if you’d tried. I can only dream of having what you two have.”

((We are not like most,)) Foreth said. ((Mine is Mine, but she took a long time to acknowledge it. She’s too stubborn.))

She got up and turned a couple of circles, moved a couple of sand-covered egg lumps aside, and lined up to deposit another one.

“Really?” Mendl frowned. Why would someone not acknowledge their own dragon. “Did you pick her from the Stands?”

Foreth paused and raised her head. ((No, she was there waiting for me, but she said that she wasn’t supposed to Impress a gold. That she wasn’t worthy and that because she liked to fly women that she couldn’t be Mine. I still don’t understand why it matters who she likes to fly.))

“Really?” Mendl had heard whispers, but she’d never actually seen Kassia with another woman. The closest she’d come was Sh’ain, who rode blue. Unusual, but not unheard of. She didn’t think.

“I’ve never seen her with a woman. But it is kind of a formula or something--I can’t think of the right word--that supposedly if a woman likes other women she can only Impress green or blue. And if a man likes other men, he can only Impress green or blue. Which, even though they don’t say that here during classes, out in the Holds and Crafts, that’s what we were told. So, she had Turns of conditioning, telling her that she couldn’t Impress a gold. I think that now, they tell us that whatever dragon chooses us, it’s the right dragon. Maybe so no one else goes through what you dtwo did?”

((Mine does try to make sure that others do better than us,)) Foreth admitted and then went back to kneading the sand. ((Mine is the best there is even if she was wrong in the beginning.))

Here Mendl was being privileged to two honors. Not just getting to watch as Foreth began to lay he next egg, but the number of people to have such an in depth conversation with the Queen besides her rider was probably less than half a dozen in her lifetime. Especially about her perspective on their bond. Most people only have Kassia’s, if any at all.

Mendl was well aware of the honor being bestowed upon her. And she was going to embrace it with every fiber of her being. “I obviously never appreciated the Weyrwoman and her journey before. Never realized how hard it could have been for the two of you. She really is a good person, from what I can see, just stubborn. 

“You chose well. You would have chewed anyone else up and spit them out. I never realized how well dragons did in their choices. I thought it was more like picking the best possibility out of what was offered to them.”

She kept talking to Foreth, not just because the conversation was interesting, but also hoping that she was distracting the dragon from whatever pain she might be experiencing. She also couldn’t wait to talk to Dytha!

((We know who we’re meant for,)) Foreth said with a note of ‘and that is that’. 

She fell silent again as her energy went to the next egg making its way into the world. She cried out as the egg plopped the rest way out of her cloaca and onto the sands. The dutiful mother, she turned and cleaned it to reveal what looked like a purple basket pattern. For some reason the egg also made hairs stand up, as if there was some static electricity or even lightning being contained in that basket.

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