Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 13 #clutching


“I bet you’re right,” Mendl said, “I can’t imagine anything but a bronze coming from that egg. Better be careful that it doesn’t get lost in the Hatching Sands.” She realized after she said it that something like that was the wrong thing to say. “Not that she ever would,” Mendl amended hastily. She was getting way too comfortable, sitting with the Weyrwoman and her dragon. Once she exited the Caverns, she would be demoted once again to Apprentice Dragonhealer and wannabe dragonrider.

“I wish she’d slow down,” Kassia said. “She’ll get herself eggbound again. She did turns ago.”

(( fine...)) Foreth growled, chest heaving a bit. She seemed to be taking a break so far, but even then she wasn’t still. She kept going through and uncovering eggs to check on them before covering it back up with sand and her body and moving on to another egg.

“That’s what, eleven? Twelve? Something like that now?”

“”Something like that,” Mendl said doubtfully. “It seems like more though, doesn’t it? I knew it took a long time, but being out there,” she waved in the direction of the Weyr proper, “is different. We just go about our daily business, and suddenly wham! there’s twenty eggs on the Sands. But being here it just seems to take so long.” She sighed. “Poor Foreth.”

“She’s laying them fast,” Kassia said. “It can take all day, but she’s gotten that many out in an candlemark and a half. She’ll be tired at the end.”

((My Clutch will be laid and safe when I’m done,)) Foreth said, fussing over her eggs. ((I have two sires to protect my eggs. No one will get them.))

“So, when you’re done, you can leave the sires to protect them and you can finally get out of the cave?” Mendl asked. “I mean, I know you probably don’t want to, but I’m sure it would be nice for you to see the light of day for a change.”

((I’m not leaving my eggs,)) Foreth said with an offended snort and stood to move into position again.

“Don’t let her fool you, she’s been out to lounge in this heat a lot in the last sevenday,” Kassia said. “But she won’t go anywhere now. And thankfully golds barely eat once they have a Clutch. No more fish.”

“That’ll be nice for you,” Mendl said, wrinkling her nose. “Raw...even in this heat? Ugh.” And with her being pregnant? She was starting to understand what had set off the fights between the two, and realized how wrong she had been to blame just Kassia.

But, it was also probably because she took Foreth’s side that the great gold probably liked her.  So, she’d apologize to Kassia, but not here. 

“Yeah, it’ll be very nice,” Kassia said with a loud note of relief. 

Foreth was back in position as another few minutes of pushing and straining went by. This one seemed easier to come out. Once it was cleared off, Kassia set her glass down hard and fought a wave of nausea. The egg looked like it was covered in mostly dark, coagulated blood with just the bottom still the color of brighter, fresher blood. It wasn’t the color of the secretions that Foreth had to clear off, but rather what she’d expect out of a murder victim.

“Oh Faranth,” she groaned, trying to hold down her stomach contents.

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