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Jessica Freise

"Someone had to," was Trifali's response. She proffered Andreya a small smile. "We'll either find all is well, or she's half naked, according to Kashara."

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Coincidently, Andreya had been at the party and had been growing concerned by Kassia not having arrived yet. But she'd still waited...and waited...and finally she'd decided she should go and check on Kassia as she got worried about why the Weyrwoman hadn't shown up to her own party! Well, hers and Sarati's party anyway, but still. The Weyrwoman wasn't here and she should be. 

So, still in the pretty, clingy blue dress that flared out at her hips to fall in folds a bit higher than her knee and her tall heels, the small folder with her sheet music of the song she'd prepared to sing as a present to Kassia and Sarati tucked under one arm, Andreya tossed her head to settle her hair back over her shoulder and left the party. She was walking toward the Hatching Cavern, surely the only place Kassia could be if she was missing her party was there with Foreth, suddenly also worried about Foreth, Andreya realized that she recognized the two forms walking in front of her. 

Hurrying her steps as much as possible, Andreya called out as she waved "Kashara, Trifali! Wait up a second!" Hurrying, taking care not to twist an ankle in her heels as she walked, Andreya smiled as she came even with the other two girls and said with clear amusement "I guess we had the same idea. I was waiting in the party for her, no idea you both were contemplating coming to check on her too."

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"It's a plan, then," Fali said, ignoring the other girl's sarcasm. They began to walk, covering ground in almost perfect pace, though Kashara looked unhappy with Trifali.

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"Okay." Kashara rolled her eyes. "But don't expect my mom to be happy at the intrusion. She has plenty of people to keep track and make sure she's safe. So if she's not here, it's because she doesn't want to be here. But I'll come because she might be less likely to yell at both of us."

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