Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 12 #clutching


“I think it looks like a normal egg,” Mendl said. “Night fog doesn’t have to be creepy, after all. Most people are afraid of the unknown, and in dark and in fog, the unknown can be hanging around the corner. But nice surprises can be there too.” And that’s what she was going to keep telling herself. A lot of Foreth’s eggs this time around were dark, but she still thought that the pigmentations were due to stress. 

It was hard, though, not to be creeped out by the look of the eggs. “You know, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Sure, her eggs are darker than usual. But her mood hasn’t been the best, what with her being stuck here on the hatching grounds with that leg. The hatchlings will all be bright and sunny, I’ll bet.”

“Ha!” Kassia’s face lit up at the notion. “You’ve never met Foreth have you? She is not bright and sunny, that’s not why they call her the Sun. Her lifemates never are, either. But they’re strong and have minds of their own. None of them will be all sweet and let everyone walk all over them. A gold should be strong and independent, not just a weak motherly type that sings songs.”

((My hatchlings will be strong. My Daughter will help me rule. The rest will protect us.)) Foreth stretched out her neck to peer at Mendl. ((That’s what dragons do and that’s what my babies will do.))

Mendl nodded. “Understood,” she said, smiling. But, her observations may have eased Kassia’s uneasiness a little bit. She was well aware of how strong Foreth was, and how strong her offspring could be...she’d had to patch up many of them. Shards, the whole Weyr was made up of at least ¾ of Foreth’s babies.

“I wouldn’t expect any less of you,” she said to Foreth. “Or your Daughter, daughters, and sons. I’ve been at Arolos long enough to be familiar with you and yours. And you won’t allow any of them to Impress someone not able to work side by side with them.” Oops. She almost said ‘control’, and no one controlled Foreth!

Foreth grunted, but that was probably because she was concentrating on the next egg. She seemed like she wanted to get the whole thing over. If she had to push out that many eggs, Kassia would want the whole sharding thing done, too.

A few minutes went by where it was quiet as Foreth worked the next egg onto the sands. After Foreth moved it forward and started cleaning it, Kassia couldn’t figure out why the color still looked dark and sandy and then she realized it was just the color of the egg.

“I bet that one is a bronze,” Kassia said. It looked like a bronze egg, how could it not be a bronze?

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