Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 9 #clutching


“Oooh, that one looks so stormy. If the dragon Hatching from it has a stormy personality, well, I pity that Weyrling.” Of course, it could be her. “I like it. The other is pretty too.” She really didn’t think so--at least, not as much. But she wasn’t going to quibble, either. Foreth thought they were lovely, and so they were.

“How many eggs does Foreth usually have on average,” Mendl asked. She could look it up for herself when she got back to the Infirmary, but she preferred sitting here with Kassia and Foreth. 

“Twenty two or so, I think,” Kassia said. “And every single one keeps their lifemate on their toes.”

((As they should,)) Foreth said.

Apparently she was on a roll and ready for another egg. Kassia watched quietly as she dimly felt Foreth’s struggles to give birth to the next egg. Foreth rewarded them a few minutes later with another egg.

“Oh Faranth is that another gold egg?” Kassia gasped, eyes wide.

She stared at the egg and was disappointed a moment later as she realized that the yellow was just yellow, and there were far too many dark colors as they roiled together in crawling shapes under what looked like a fog. 

“Maybe not gold, but it sure looks like it’s moving,” Mendl said. “I mean, wow. Hope it doesn’t crawl away.” She watched as Foreth tried to get comfortable.

“Doesn’t it say in the records that there were clutches as large as forty, fifty, seventy? I just can’t see how that could be possible. I really don’t.”

“We’ve never had them here,” Kassia said. “Maybe it was the oldertimes with those tiny dragons. Need more dragons to cover the same amount as the size that Foreth is laying.”

((None of my babies are going to be small and runty like those dragons,)) Foreth said, laying down and seeming to take a break for a moment.

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