Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 8 #clutching


“I guess it’s right what they say about a mother’s love,” Mendl said, then grabbed her opportunity.  “Are you pregnant?” If she was, it would explain a lot of things.

“Huh?” Kassia was watching Foreth and it took a minute for her to follow the change in subject. She smiled and laid her hand over her slight baby bump. “I am. From around the time of Foreth’s flight. So I’ve been having some sympathetic memories of what it’s like to be pregnant to feel towards Foreth.”

“I’ll bet. It’s got to be hard on you, to not only have to be here in this heat, but be here while you’re pregnant.” She smiled. “Not that I know what that’s like. Does it happen often? Pregnancy after a flight?”

And more importantly, would she be able to handle that? She wasn’t ignorant, but she hadn’t found anyone worth having sex with. Granted, she’d been introduced to it at an early age, but that’s why she didn’t want it now.

But if she Impressed, well, she’d just lose herself in her dragon.

“It does when your dragon is injured and can’t take you between for a while,” Kassia said with a shrug. “The teas help, but aren’t foolproof. As you can see. But I’m not unhappy, I was just not planning for it.”

She glanced back at Foreth who was showing signs of nearly laying the next egg. 

“You should slow down if you can, love,” she called.

((They come when they come,)) Foreth said, clearly still irritated but not as bad as before.

“Can we see now? Please?”

The gold didn’t appear to answer her at first, then she straightened up and nudged two new eggs forward.

One looked like spiders had been spending days creating spider webs all over it (Kassia shook her hand and shuddered in memories of cobwebs). The other looked like a forest sky under a storm.

“They’re beautiful,” Kassia said hastily.

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