Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 6 #clutching


“If she’ll let me, I’ll check the eggs every day,” Mendl said, voice low. Not that it would matter. “And Dytha. Dytha is very detail oriented. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong. If they were misshapen or physically bumpy, I’d worry. But any ‘bumps’ on them look to be pigmentation.” She looked at Kassia, noting the done-up hair, the nice dress, the makeup.

“Have you been sleeping well?” she asked. 

Kassia shrugged. “As well as I can.” Between Foreth being...Foreth, and the attack at the Gather Dance and Kassia’s own pregnancy, sleep was a little hard to come by. The herbs that the healers were giving her were helping, but it wasn’t perfect. “Usually things are a bit easier once the eggs are laid. At least for the first couple of weeks.

“Yeah, you just look a little paler than usual. Probably from the stress of,” she waved her hands, “everything. It can’t be easy being you. So much responsibility.” And, she probably didn’t delegate it well. Mendl could relate. She wasn’t good at delegation, either.

“It’s a little hot in this dress, which isn’t helping.” Kassia stood. “I’m going to get changed and some juice. Yell if you need me.”

To Foreth she added, “Love, I’ll be right back.” Then she disappeared into the temporary weyr to change.

Mendl watched her go and frowned. Was that…? Instead, she watched Foreth. “Sweetie,” she said under her breath, “I hope everything’s OK in there. But I think it is. You’ve had a rough time of it, but I’ll make sure you’re good, if you’ll let me.” She didn’t know what it was about Foreth that she liked, but of any golds at the Weyr, past or present, the self-proclaimed Sun had always been her favorite.

Oh, she had no assumptions that Foreth liked anyone other than her rider. But what dragon did, actually?

((I’m...fine...)) Foreth said with another loud grunt. She fussed around on the stands a moment, wiggling her body back and forth and seeming generally uncomfortable as she pushed at yet another egg.

Very slowly the egg emerged, its color muted by all the secretions that helped it leave Foreth’s body and protected it as she pushed it out inch-by-inch, grunt-by-grunt. Just as it slid free, she turned her body, hiding it from view as she spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning off every inch.

When she finally turned back around she let out a growl of satisfaction and moved it to the front of the growing pile.

One look, and there was no doubt as to what color dragon the dragon inside was. The egg shown like molten gold ready to be poured and worked into a form. And yet there was an almost delicate look to this egg. Whatever could be made from that gold would have to be treasured and protected.

“Oh, Foreth, she’s beautiful,” Mendl gasped, eyes going wide. She reached out her hand as if to touch it, even though she was dozens of feet away. “Whoever Impresses that one is one lucky Candidate.”

But now she felt it was a sign. Not that she’d get that egg, but that since she was there to watch the Clutching, she might...just might Impress this time.

It gave her hope.

Foreth gave a satisfied rumble.

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