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Jessica Freise

Trifali had expected the Weyrwoman to show up. After all, it was her birthday, too, as well as Sarati's. She enjoyed the food and avoided the drink, though she nearly ran down a concerned-looking young woman in the second half of the second candlemark of the party.

"I'm sorry," she said, then paused. The girl looked a lot like herself. She smiled. "You wouldn't happen to be a part of Lady Kassia's extended family would you?"

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Kassia's birthday and Sarati's birthday were the same day. After the Gather Dance had been ruined and the weather had gotten so horrendous, Kassia wanted an excuse to boost morale with another party and their shared birthday seemed as good a reason as any. Word went out a few days ahead of time that there'd be a party and preparations were under way. A grand feast was planned and alcohol (doled out in moderation by Kassia's order) as well. There'd be music and a dance floor. Decorations went up around the Dining Hall and the Dining Hall was cleared early to give time for the rest of the preparations. Guards were posted to keep a close eye on the event.

The time for the party arrived and people started arriving. Sarati made her appearance from the beginning, but the other guest of honor had not yet arrived within the first candlemark.

OOC: Party time! Feel free for your characters to enjoy themselves. Alcohol consumption is being watched, so if your character will probably be cut off if they start getting too drunk or rowdy.

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