(Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 5 #clutching


“She was hurt once for the time that made her get stuck on the Island,” Kassia said, “but that was a long time ago.”

Out on the Sands, Foreth was fussing with and rearranging her eggs over and over. One would become visible and then be hidden again by sand and her body before the next one appeared and on and on. That she wasn’t settling down alert Kassia that there must be another egg on the way soon.

“Were there any unusual eggs then?” she asked. “I wasn’t around for that Clutch.” Too young. Suddenly Mendl realized Foreth had probably been Clutching longer than she had been alive. Sobering thought. Though, if she mentioned that to Kassia, it would possibly make the Weyrwoman feel old.

No, she wouldn’t do that. 

“I’m wondering if it has something to do with her medications. There are certain things that can turn a person’s urine different colors, so why not eggs?”

“Who knows.” Kassia shrugged. “I mean, egg colors are always so weird anyway. And I know a lot of it is that people have a tendency to try to make patterns of what they see. I just hope that the dragons inside are nice and healthy, no matter what they look like on the outside.”

Foreth had buried her three eggs again and moved into position for the next egg.

“Have you ever seen a Clutching?” Kass asked quietly.

lMendl shook her head.  “No. I feel so...privileged, sitting here. Lucky. I mean, even Eyesis,” who had stayed away from the caverns--Foreth may be busy but she may also want a snack at some point, “Eyesis will go and clutch privately. At least close to me, but I sometimes feel like she’s part feline. She’ll have her eggs in the closet. Usually while I’m out. There have been times I didn’t even know until the last minute.”

She watched as Foreth got into position for this egg. “Thank you. I really like Foreth.”

“Foreth has surprised me a time or two, but she wanted me around this time,” Kass said. She gestured at her party dress. “I was getting ready to go to the party when she stopped me.”

((You need to be here,)) Foreth said, voice strained the egg slowly worked its way out of her body. She scuffled at the sand and grunted as another slid free.

Kassia swallowed hard at the sight of the ugly egg. It looked like it was covered in oozy, slimy algae. She kept waiting for the egg to come clean as Foreth dutifully licked it clean, but the icky green remained.

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