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Mendl swallowed. Hard. "Uh, yeah. And, that red one looks like something I wash out of my monthlies. But the glassy one is kind of pretty." Usually the eggs all had a happy glow to them, no matter who Clutched them. But these...she began to muse out loud.

"Eggshells are just random pigmentation. The colors come from different environmental triggers: mood, food, and various other trace things. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Has she ever been injured while incubating before?"

Mendl had put a lot of thought into Foreth's circumstances before Clutching. So much had gone wrong this time around, and that was saying a lot for Arolos. 

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Kassia looked up as Mendl was finally let into the Caverns after the guards and the two male dragons. Mendl wasn't always her favorite person, but she was glad that the young woman and gold had bonded somewhat. She patted her seat next to her.

"Foreth's just laying another egg," she said. "Have a seat. Everything's fine so far."

As she spoke, Foreth was just finishing pushing out yet another egg. Kassia blanched. This one looked even worse than the first three eggs. She leaned down and whispered to the dragonhealer, "Does that look like rotting flesh to you?"

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