Re: (Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith #clutching Part 2 #clutching


Truenoth and Talith had slowed up and Foreth relaxed a little. She was protected at one of her most vulnerable times in her life. A couple more twists around and then the first egg slid out of her. Kassia's eyes widened from the Stands as she cot glimpses. Surely that one diffn't look like a bloody and oozing wound? That wasn't the most auspicious of beginnings.

"Mine, is everything okay with that egg?" she called nervously.

((Yeah, what's wrong with it?)) the Queen snapped defensively and she quickly tucked it under her body where Kassia couldn't judge it.

"Sorry, I meant to say it's beautiful, love!" Kassia said, realizing her error. She settled back in the Stands.

Foreth was quiet for a few more minutes and then she moved back into position, carefully keeping the first egg safely tucked out of sight.

The next egg was laid gently into the sand where Foreth took a few minutes cleaning it. Kassia frowned at the odd pattern.

"May I come see that one?" Kassia asked, even she knew better than to just barge down to see the egg without Foreth's permission, especially with her just getting started laying.

Foreth settled down with a grunt. ((If you must. Don't get too close!))

The Queen's tail flopped irritably but she let Kassia approach the unusual egg. Inside the green there almost seemed to be the form of a green dragon hidden behind glass. Kassia stopped a couple of feet away, but part of her wanted to step closer and run her hands over what looked like glass holding a fully formed baby dragon back. But she knew that the eggs were just yolk or something at this point. It'd be weeks before the dragon inside was fully made. Assuming nothing went wrong. It almost felt like there was a ghost in there. Maybe the ghost of one of Foreth's previous eggs that hadn't made it.

((Get back,)) Foreth snarled, dragging the egg under her body as she broke Kassia from her thoughts.

Kassia hurried back into the Stands.

Two eggs so far and all Kassia had was foreboding in her head.

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